the things i want from season twelve of csi:

  • for us too see another “decontamination shower scene” or something
  • to know more about gregs family eg: why he has only mentioned his father once 
  • for the new csi brody to freshen up the team and hopefully not take romantic interest in greg :)
  • more intriguing and original story lines for episodes 
  • for ted dansons character to work with the team
  • for langston too die *fingers crossed*
  • for the ted danson character not to be a repeat of the langston show!
  • more catherine and vartan scenes and what lindsay is up too
  • wether greg will get promoted or more respected by the team and more cases
  • for wendy and hogdes to get back together or her to come back for visit etc.
  • a whole episode just with greg :)
  • another labrat episode/more lab tech influences etc
  • some one liners before the title sequence
  • to see gregs apartment (he is the only csi that hasnt had a scene in their apartment/house)
  • more csi family orientated episodes
  • for grissom to come back even if it is another webcam call 
  • and finally for it to be a really good season so the show never ends.
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